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Rua Bib/Burp Cloth

Rua Bib/Burp Cloth

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Designed to shield your clothing from your baby's messes, burp cloths are invaluable accessories. Constructed with soft cotton bamboo material in three layers, they effortlessly absorb wet burps, spit-up, or drool. Sold individually, each cloth measures 44 cm in length and 20 cm in width.

These burp cloths boast several practical uses. They offer a soft and gentle touch for your little one's skin, thanks to their cotton and bamboo blend. Their triple-layered design ensures utmost comfort and prevents overheating. Use them as a shoulder pad while carrying your baby, providing a comfortable resting spot. Additionally, they serve as a bib or saliva towel when carrying your baby on your shoulder, offering protection from dribbles and drools. Moreover, these cloths double as a support surface when patting your baby's back to help them burp and release gas after feeding. With their versatile functionality and soft, absorbent design, these burp cloths are essential additions to your baby care routine.

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